Guadeloupe HAND'ICARE and reduced mobility passengers flights.

Guadeloupe HAND'ICARE and reduced mobility passengers flights.


Le Moule Guadeloupe
1 to 10 people


HAND'ICARE and reduced mobility passengers Flights
1 PASSENGER 120€ video included


BRAND NEW : since very little, A2L-Parapente is very happy and proud to introduce the brand new wheelchair designed for paragliding! Great opportunity for our SENIORS and their tired knees and hips or person with reduced mobility to consider getting up there!

You will enjoy a 30 minutes tandem flight with Sam SPERBER, HAND'ICARE certified instructor for over 10 years. He will be happy to show you his playground, and share this discovery with you.

The sea breeze deflects on the coastal cliffs creating a permanent lift that allows soaring and top landing. You will not fell the fear of heights as you are not in contact with the ground.

You could either be the "tempted but still not too sure about it" or the "aerobatic adict", everyone has their limits and our pilots will respect it.

How it works

  1. We recommend to choose an early date in your holidays, so that we get chances to reschedule the appointment in case of poor weather conditions.
  2. If the appointment has been registered for a long time, re contact 1 week before D-day.
  3. Confirmation call from YOU the night before : D-1 between 6.30pm and 8pm : 0690 584 005.
  4. Weather and timing updates, on D-day YOU call 1 hour before the flight : 0690 584 005
  5. We ask you to remove any loose jewellery that could be damaged ( necklaces, wristbands, long earrings...) and we recommend to wear sunglasses (with leash if possible), also take water and sunscreen with you.
  6. Final payment will be on-site, ONLY by cash or ANCV cheques.
  7. If the flight is rescheduled due to poor weather conditions, please restart 3 and 4. If unable to find a new appointment, your deposit will be given back, for other reasons please check the general conditions (art. 7-2).

NO flights will be scheduled without prior payment or deposit!

Once your appointment is confirmed, please follow precisely the procedure so you will enjoy smooth and unforgettable adventure !


  • 50 to 70 photo + video full HD
  • SD card 4 or 8 Gb
  • Specific Free Flight Gear
  • Flight Diploma
  • 10% discount on benefits in the twinned school

Good to know

  • A2L-Parapente CEO and founder Sam SPERBER, is the ONLY French instructor (part of the few BEES 2nd degree since 1987) allowed to teach on its own (even from initiation), thanks to spotless Label application!
  • Sam is part of the very few professionals practicing the 4 major paragliding techniques : thermaling, soaring, hand'Icare and ski-flying.
  • 2017 French vice-champion of ski-flying; 
  • Member of the French Accuracy team;
  • 3rd place at the 2017 Accuracy French championship;
  • Participation at the Accuracy Albainian World championship and Slovenian European championship;
  • 9 French titles in solo and tandems ski-flying between 2002 and 2010.
  • More than 27 000 flights, including 19 000 tandems, over the past 30 years!

Meeting place

A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe, D120 97160 Le Moule Guadeloupe

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