Baptême parapente Mont Blanc - Haute savoie



HAND'ICARE and reduced mobility passengers Flights
1 PASSENGER 110€ video pack included : 70-100 pictures and full hd movie of the flight + sd card given after landing.


By choosing to discover the paragliding activity in the WONDERFULL Mont-Blanc area, you will opt for an amazing ramble in the air, discovering and getting close to the beautiful landscape, mountain flora and flying fauna!

You will enjoy a 25 to 35 minutes tandem flight where you will not feel the fear of heights as you are not in contact with the ground.

You could either be the "tempted but still not too sure about it" or the "aerobatic adict", everyone has their limits and our pilots will respect it, he will be happy to show you his playground, and share this discovery with you.

People with reduced mobility: this flight is suitable for seniors with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users.

Paragliding is perfectly suitable for passengers with sight deficiency or blindness. We will practice dual control and audio description during the flight, to share the best of this moment.

Going to the take off area is made really easy thanks to a dedicated access.

You will be supervised by a Hand'ICARE flight certified A2L instructor, and the rest of the team will help for take off :

Sam Sperber : A2L-Parapente CEO and founder, one of the first to be certified Hand'Icare flight instructor in 2007.

Fred Bouniol : instructor for over 20 years, part of the ski chair and wheelchair biking creation team, he is also the co-inventor of the Hand'ICARE wheelchair, specially designed for paragliding take offs, flights, and landings, which made him rewarded by Mr Raffarin when he was 1st Minister. Founder of the association Loisirs Assis Evasion.

How it works

We recommend to choose an early date in your holidays, so that we get chances to reschedule the appointment in case of poor weather conditions.

1- If the appointment has been registered for a long time, re contact us 1 week before D-day : 06 85 52 13 03

2- Weather and timing updates, on D-day YOU call 1 hour before the flight : 07 89 80 09 80

  • If your call was unsuccessful, please wait 5-10 minutes and try again
  • Do not leave voice messages, could be text if needed
  • If you are unable to talk to us, do not worry, it's a good sign! It means we are busy, probably in the air, so you can come as we first scheduled the appointment. 

3- The final payment will be on-site, before the flight (cash, cheques, ANCV cheques, NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS),

4- If the flight is rescheduled due to poor weather conditions, please restart the call process, if unable to find a new appointment, your deposit will be given back, for other reasons please check the general conditions (art. 7-2).

5- For the passenger wellness, we will ask :

  • To wear good and tightened walking shoes (at least trainers),
  • To wear "altitude proof" clothes : long trousers, fleece, wind stopper jacket,
  • To take your jewelry off : no long necklaces, bracelets or long earrings.

In case of doubts about your motion sickness resistance, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to prevent from any inconvenience and get some medicine to fight it! (Mercalm, cocculine...)

NO flights will be scheduled without prior payment or deposit!

Once your appointment is confirmed, please follow precisely the procedure so you will enjoy smooth and unforgettable adventure !

We are using 3 different meeting points, depending on the weather conditions at the moment of your flight. Mainly we are using #3, but in case we need to change, here is a reminder on how to find us :  DIRECT LINK APPOINTMENT MAP

#1 CHEDDE landing area :

359, rue Paul Corbin 74190 PASSY-CHEDDE

#2 BATISTOCK landing area :

135, avenue Grange Vallet 74190 PASSY

#3 Tribal' SHOP :

226 avenue du Mont d'Arbois 74170 SAINT-GERVAIS-LES-BAINS


  • Shuttle to the take-off
  • Specific Hand'ICARE Free Flight Gear
  • Flight Diploma
  • 10% discount in the twinned school
  • 4 or 8 GB SD card depending on the chosen option
  • Rigor and cheerfulness of the team

Good to know

By trusting A2l-Parapente, and we thank you a lot for that, you are making the clever choice of the expertise and the knowledge of a now reference paragliding school.

You will benefit : 

  • The best price/flight time rate of the valley,
  • Privileges with many different partners,
  • Our signature relation : Warm Welcome-Respect-Rigor-Humor!

You will also benefit from :

A2L-Parapente CEO and founder Sam SPERBER supervision, known as :

  • One of the very few professionals practicing the 4 major paragliding techniques : thermaling, soaring, hand'Icare and ski-flying.
  • 2017 French vice-champion of ski-flying; 
  • Member of the French Accuracy team;
  • 3rd place at the 2017 Accuracy French championship;
  • Participation at the Accuracy Albainian World championship and Slovenian European championship;
  • 9 French titles in solo and tandems ski-flying between 2002 and 2010.
  • More than 27 000 flights, including 19 000 tandems, over the past 30 years!

Meeting place

359, rue Paul Corbin 74190 PASSY-CHEDDE

135, avenue Grange Vallet 74190 PASSY

226 Avenue du Mont d'Arbois 74170 Saint Gervais les Bains

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