Custom Guadeloupe paragliding session

Custom Guadeloupe paragliding session

École de parapente guadeloupe

Le Moule Guadeloupe
1 to 3 people


3 hours


Framing 3h, with or without personal material. Reinforcement of techniques "face sail" and visit of the field of flight. Two-seater "peda" included. Recommended especially if your technique is essentially "mountain" and the slope flight still impresses you a little!

We will evaluate together your achievements and we will make sure to meet your expectations, consolidate the strengths and strengthen the weak points. Here, you will really discover another area of flight: we evolve in the trade winds, these east winds are constant and between 20 and 40 km / h; disconcerting for mountaineers, fantastic playgrounds for aficionados.

There will inevitably be a "before" and an "after" flight in Gwada ...


Sam SPERBER, founding director of A2L-Parapente, is the ONLY instructor in France to have received the authorization to work alone in an internship (from the beginning) with regard to an exemplary Labellisation dossier, one of the rare BEES 2º in France practicing since 1987. It is part of the closed circle of practitioners regularly, in professional, the 3 major techniques of Paragliding: THERMAL FLIGHT, DYNAMIC FLIGHT & SKI FLIGHT. Vice-Champion of France 2017 Vol & Ski, recent member of the France Team Precision Paragliding, 3rd in the Championship of France 2017, participation in Chp of the World in Albania, then Chp of Europe in Slovenia. 9 National Vol & Ski titles, bi and solo, from 2002 to 2010.

The teaching is improving ... and you too!


How it works

After our different email exchanges, A2L-Parapente will have to know your Weight-Size-Age for the allocation of the individualized equipment (paraglider-helmet-helmet-radio-reserve parachute); all of this information is reported on the registration form that you have taken care to fill, date, sign. This B.I. is to communicate us by email with the ID Photo. A deposit of 60E paid will validate your registration.

We will agree together on a favorable day, both for our respective availabilities and for the local meteorological reality.

This kind of session is a clever mix between the purely technical ground-based contributions to the control of the sail and the management of incidence in attitude of flight, and the enrichment of the sensations of the flight of slope, as well in two-seater pedagogical only under solo wing. We recall that in Guadeloupe, we fly 80% of the time under small sail size, but we all also have a "classic" site wing! Learning "Top-Landing" is on the menu of all our students here and this from the 1st flight.

There will inevitably be a "before" and an "after" the flight in Gwada ... And why not access to AERO-TOURISM discovering including CUBA:



Personalized equipment (wing, harness, emergency parachute, helmet, radio),

Daily educational course,

Theoretical contributions.

Good to know

  • No license-insurance FFVL mandatory (from 30 to 80 € according to chosen formula,).
  • Mandatory medical certificate for non-licensees.
  • Parental authorization for minors over 14 years old.
  • Registration form duly completed and signed, deposit paid.

Meeting place

A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe, D120 97160 Le Moule Guadeloupe

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