Paragliding progress course Guadeloupe - Cycle 1 to 2 EFVL

Paragliding progress course Guadeloupe - Cycle 1 to 2 EFVL

École de parapente guadeloupe

Le Moule Guadeloupe
1 to 3 people


10 X 3 Hours
1 STAGIAIRE 1490€ 12 séances de 3 heures, parapente et mini-voile à disposition


The seduction following your baptism of the air operated, you had thought of it in metropolis and for lack of time, you did not go further. Or you are metropolitan and have never evolved into dynamic 20 to 40km / h takeoff ... The solution: from mid-October to end of April each year, 5 sessions of 3 hours, non-contractual objective: make your first flight solo of 30mn, with re-pose at takeoff or on the beach ... Or more humbly, achieve the same thing in "double-command" as a pilot! It will depend on you & your regularity. And why not simultaneously take advantage of the Materiel + Stage Purchase Formula to continue your progression under your own equipment. The peculiarity of the operation of A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe makes you benefit from metropolitan tariff for equipment and often discounted if you are part of the Club affiliated to the professional structure.

Sam SPERBER, founding director of A2L-Parapente, is the ONLY instructor in France to have received the authorization to work alone in an internship (from the beginning) with regard to an exemplary Labellisation dossier, one of the rare BEES 2º in France practicing since 1987. It is part of the closed circle of practitioners regularly, in professional, the 3 major techniques of Paragliding: THERMAL FLIGHT, DYNAMIC FLIGHT & SKI FLIGHT. Vice-Champion of France 2017 Vol & Ski, recent member of the France Team Precision Paragliding, 3rd at the 2017 French Championship, participation in the Chp of the World in Albania, then Chp of Europe in Slovenia. 9 National Vol & Ski titles, bi and solo, from 2002 to 2010.

The teaching is improving ... and you too!


How it works

Internship as part of the EFVL progression from the White level to the Green Level (Initial Pilot License). These are the first sensations of flight; your 5 sessions of 3 hours will take place in this way: 2/3 of gestures on the ground and 1/3 in pedagogical two-seater for sessions 1 & 2, gestures on the ground and two-seater pedagogical session 3, then 4 & 5 we will divide 2/3 in two-seater and 1/3 on the ground.

The following 5 sessions are planned to bring you to a beginning of autonomy on known site, in known aerology and under known material (most of the time, it is the wing which you have just acquired here). You will also prepare for the similar flights of Marie Galante, Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy and Martinique (and incidentally, Dune du Pyla, cliffs of Normandy, in short all the dynamic flights available to you).

Only 3 people per session will evolve simultaneously; our teaching is almost a private lesson.

Technical Face Sailing, take off in the wind and top landing will be on the menu. Improvement of the technique "low speed", cut-resource-flair and precision of landing.







Personalized equipment (wing, harness, emergency parachute, helmet, radio), daily pedagogical tandem, theoretical contributions, flight book.

Good to know

  • Excluding compulsory FFVL insurance (from 30 to 80 € according to the chosen formula).
  • Mandatory medical certificate for non-licensees.

Meeting place

A2L-Parapente Guadeloupe, D120 97160 Le Moule Guadeloupe

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